Coach Mike’s Friends of Public Tennis (or CMFPT, formerly named Friends of Dee Smith) is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to supporting public tennis at Liberty Park and Wasatch Hills...the only year round, full service, professionally managed public tennis facilities in the Salt Lake Valley.

Tennis players of all ages, abilities, income status, and ethnic background are welcome at both facilities.

Under the leadership of Coach Mike Martines, in the 20 years of its’ existence, CMFPT has donated over $500,000 to help maintain and enhance the two facilities and fund programs for the tennis playing public.

Recently, CMFPT has contributed $120,000 toward the construction of a new clubhouse at Wasatch Hills, in partnership with Salt Lake City Parks and Salt Lake County (ZAP funds) to be completed in the year 2020.  More recently (summer, 2019) CMFPT also contributed approximately $10,000 toward underprivileged high school players throughout the Wasatch Front.

The CMFPT Mission:

  • Bubbles:  Fund the installation and future replacement of the two tennis bubbles at Wasatch Hills and Liberty Park. A professional assessment of the current bubbles indicates that the Wasatch Hills bubble will need replacement in 1-2 years, while the Liberty Park bubble is estimated to last 6-7 years.

  • Facility Upgrades and Capital Improvements

  • Underprivileged Youth Scholarships: Provide a limited number of scholarships to underprivileged youth of all abilities who demonstrate a passion for tennis, utilizing a formal application and approval process.

    • This commitment is beyond the Liberty Hills Tennis operating management undertaking to providing free courts, equipment, and instruction to local organizations serving underprivileged youth, including the Tennis and Tutoring program.

  • Provide low interest loans or donations to local public facilities and groups in need of tennis equipment.


CMFPT’s current funds are insufficient to underwrite the cost of a new Wasatch Hills indoor tennis structure, estimated at $1,100,000. We encourage all tennis players who use the two facilities to consider making a tax deductible donation over the next few months, to build our fund to the level required for bubble replacement, while allowing CMFPT to also fulfill our mission to support underprivileged youth and needy organizations in the community.

Shortly, CMFPT will be coming up with our goal for donor contributions...and with your help we can do it!

The CMFPT Board will continue to keep you informed of the status of our fundraising, and how we are doing with respect to the financial challenges we are addressing, as we seek to fulfill our Mission. 


Thank you for making public tennis work in our community,

Bill Paulos

Bruce Wood

Bryan Stephens

Coach Mike

Michele Mattsson

Spencer Marchant

Susan Daynes


Coach Mike's Friends Of Public Tennis





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