Liberty Park Tennis Center is Utah's largest year-round, managed public tennis facility with sixteen exceptional courts in downtown Salt Lake City.  Many find Liberty Park to be a great central location to meet up with players from all parts of the Wasatch Front.  Amenities include a roomy clubhouse with seating area, large locker rooms with showers, full-service pro shop, sixteen outdoor lighted courts, and an indoor bubble covering four courts.  

Nearby Locations:  Downtown Salt Lake City, Trolley Square, Grand America Hotel, and the Salt Lake Bees Baseball Stadium. 


Liberty Park's Junior Academy is a year-round training and practice session for kids ages 4-18.  Class times and days depend on the season, age, and skill set of the student.  Classes are often focused on learning a variety of strokes to enhance the student's all-around game.  Formats include singles and doubles training, live-ball training, drills, games, and match play.  Other instruction often includes fitness training and understanding different aspects of the game including rules, scoring, etiquette, mental training, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Our coaches strive to make the classes fun, engaging, and challenging. 


2021 Summer Schedule (June 7th-August 20th)

Classes are held four days a week, Monday thru Thursday.

4-8 year old Beg/Low Int: 8:30 am - 9:30 am

9-14 year old Beg/Low Int: 9:30 am - 10:30 am

14-18 year old Beg/Low Int: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

10-18 year old Int/Adv: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Updated PDF and Online Registration AVAILABLE NOW!

Summer Registration

Afterschool Program

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Junior Program registration is now exclusively ONLINE. 
STEP 1:  Please use a smart phone or tablet to download the "Kourts" app by clicking here or find on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

STEP 2:  Parent(s) or Guardian need to create an account on the "Kourts" App.


STEP 3:  After signing up on "Kourts", you must verify the email on your smart device to activate it.


STEP 4: Parent(s) or Guardian needs to create a family member(s) on your smart device to enroll your junior player(s) in the class or classes.  



Patience Requested:  Please be patient with us as we transition to online registration for all junior programs.  As with anything new, there may be a few hiccups along the way and we appreciate your willingness to work with us and adjust to this more streamlined approach.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 801-328-4711

Limited spots available:  Please sign up for the appropriate class and work with the front desk and/or tennis director if unsure which class to sign up for.  We also ask parents for their willingness to adjust if tennis director and full time pros feel a different class may be more appropriate for the student. 


Weekly Sessions:  Junior classes at Liberty Park are offered as "WEEKLY SESSIONS" in the summer.  Classes are held Monday thru Thursday.  Registration for each "WEEKLY SESSION" will open seven days before the new session.


Monthly Sessions:  Junior classes at Liberty Park are offered as "MONTHLY SESSIONS" during the school year.  Classes are held Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday depending on the class.  Registration for each "MONTHLY SESSION" will open seven days before the new session.  

A La Cart Option ONLY exclusive at Liberty Park:  It is possible to sign up 'a la cart' for any or all class days Monday thru Thursday.  


Discounted Rate Information:  In order to receive a discounted rate for the TWO WEEK SESSION, you must sign up for all eight classes (Mon-Thurs) in the session by clicking "ALL OCCASIONS."  (The only exception to this is the 4-8 year old class which is offered in monthly sessions, with classes held on Mondays and Wednesdays.)   Again, on the "Kourts" app you must register and click "ALL OCCASIONS" to receive the discount.



Adult Workouts are extremely popular and well-attended at Liberty Park.  They are a great way to experience the game in a fun, challenging, and welcoming environment.  Most drills are doubles specific, and the games offer a great place to get some exercise, meet new and old faces, and a chance to get some feedback from our pros.  We offer morning and evening 1.5 hour workouts.  Please contact our staff for assistance in finding the right class for you.  

Please 'click' PDF attachment to see details of current programs.​

NEW RATES & Updated Flyer




Punch passes are not redeemable for the following clinic


This class is offered as MONTHLY SESSIONS.  $48 per session for months of four Saturdays or $60 per session with months of five Saturdays.  If the current session is not full, we are happy to sign new participants up for the remaining classes of the current session.  


Private Lessons are a great way to introduce yourself or a loved one to the game of tennis.  Benefits of private lessons include:


  • Instruction specifically tailored to the needs of the student.   

  • Enhances a strong foundation of fundamental skills.

  • Limits anxiety sometimes felt when thrown into group lessons with little background or experience. 

  • Repetition from the same instructor.

  • Accountability to the student.

  • Accelerated progress.  

Private lessons can be one person, two people, or a group usually up to six people per instructor.  (Prices vary slightly if more than one person).

RATE: *$65/Hour. *$33/Half-Hour.​​​


Due to it's central location, 16-lighted courts, impressive clubhouse with locker rooms available, and lively atmosphere of downtown's premier public park, many find Liberty Park a great location to meet up with friends and play tennis.  Great time to play during the week (before, during, or after work), weekend, or under the lights of a cool downtown evening.

OUTDOOR RATE: $9 Per Hour (includes reservation fee).


Outdoor courts can be booked by downloading the "KOURTS" APP on your phone by clicking here OR by calling the front desk at 801-238-4711.

INDOOR RATE: $24 Per Hour

Liberty Park offers the highest selling club ball machine in the world named the "Playmate Genie."  This machine is capable of feeding groundstrokes, volleys, and overheads.  

Benefits of using a ball machine include:

  • Getting back into the game

  • Supplemental practice to private and group lessons

  • Cardio & Fitness

  • One-Person Practice

  • Two-Person Practice (can feed two people at the same time)

  • Family Practice (two people hit, while two pick-up, then switch)

RATE: $15 Per Hour For The Machine.  (Does Not Include Court Fee)​​


Court #13 at Liberty Park now has a dedicated hitting wall.  We have extensively cleaned, fixed, and painted an existing concrete wall (with an additional net line) for the public to practice their game in a more private setting.

Benefits of using a practice wall include:

  • Getting back into the game

  • Supplemental practice to private and group lessons

  • Cardio & Fitness (put in your earbuds & listen to some of your favorite music while practicing your strokes)

  • One, Two, or Family Practice

  • Size: This wall is huge!  It is almost 60 feet wide and 12 feet tall. 

  • Quiet:  Being made of concrete, this wall is quiet, not disturbing play on other nearby courts.

RATE: Court Fee Reservation $9​​/hr.


We welcome you to experience all that Liberty Park Tennis Center has to offer inside our pro shop, including snacks, drinks, LHT logo'd hats, shirts, hoodies, and more.     

We offer the tennis industry's top selling brands, Wilson and Babolat.

  • Rackets

  • Shoes

  • Bags & Backpacks

  • Grips & Accessories

  • Stringing Service and Re-Gripping Available

  • *We match online retailer,, on all rackets, shoes, and bags.*