Update at Liberty Hills Tennis Due To COVID-19


Memo Update: March 20, 2020

Considering current events and trying to use good judgment in behalf of our staff, patrons, and
community, please read carefully below.

Play at Liberty Park Tennis Center and Coach Mike's Tennis Academy @ Oak Hills has been temporarily postponed* until further notice**.


The timeline of resuming operations in-full is constantly being weighed and subject to change due to this dynamic and daily changing situation.  We will keep the tennis playing public aware of updates on this website at WWW.LIBERTYHILLSTENNIS.COM.  

When business operations fully resume, we  will remain vigilant in asking of anyone who enters the tennis clubhouse(s) to abide by the following "1,2,3"; 




"1, 2, 3"


1. Sick or beginning to feel sick (such as a fever, cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath).

2. Around someone else who is sick.

3. Or traveling outside the state of Utah w/in the last two weeks.



Thank you for understanding and complying with an abundance of caution at this precarious time.



"1, 2, 3"

1.  WASH HANDS:  Requirement of all staff, patrons, and tennis players to PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS UPON ENTERING THE CLUBHOUSE.  

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING: Kindly maintain a safe distance between another person of up to 6 feet.


3.  NO LINGERING:  No lingering in the clubhouse.

Hygiene Adjustments

Out of abundance of caution, no water will be provided on court until further notice.  In the meantime, we encourage patrons to either...


1.  Bring water from home.

2.  Use drinking fountain available inside the clubhouse at Liberty Park or restrooms inside the clubhouse at Oak Hills (a one-time cup may be provided if needed).

3.  Purchase bottled water or other drinks inside the clubhouse.

Personal Hygiene Practice Reminder: “Do The Five” from WHO

1. HANDS: Wash them often (preferable before and after play). 20 seconds.
2. ELBOW: Cough into it. Or use tissue and discard.
3. FACE: Don’t touch it. (Eyes, nose, mouth)
4. FEET: Stay 6 feet apart
5. FEEL SICK? Stay home


Additional Hygiene Reminders

1.  Please forgo handshakes and high fives as a prevention method of the virus.

2.  Please download and utilize our Kourts App (Google Play & Apple) to pre-pay for court reservations. 

Bubble Court-Time Reservations

With just under two weeks remaining for those with bubble contract court-time, there are many groups who have willingly donated their last court-time(s) remaining for the season in our efforts to pay rent, afford the bubble gas bills, and other costs related to the bubbles (lights, maintenance, and pending take down).  If that doesn't work for your group for any reason, we will honor the court-time missed in the up and coming outdoor season at your convenience.  Our manager, Thanh Huynh will be reaching out to each group by phone.  If for whatever reason you do not hear from him, please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail @ slccmta@yahoo.com. 

Tennis Community Update

All adult leagues, tournaments, and high school tennis practices and matches have been postponed indefinately. 

This is a unique and challenging time for the health of each one of us, our friends, family members, and community. It is also a unique and challenging time (depending on the length & severity) for any small business including ours. We are positive and maintain optimism about the future.  We believe with proper precautions, we can do our small part in helping the community “flatten the curve” and slow the virus down while providing the community a safe, well-maintained, and enjoyable place to play. 

Thank you for your support in implementing these new policies.

Spencer Marchant


*In order to ensure the safety & well being of our staff and patrons 

**Limited court space may be available during limited hours at CMTA for some private lessons, and possibly a few of court reservations. Feel free to reach out to your instructor OR call 801-583-9451 Mon-Sat 8am to 1pm (hours subject to change)

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