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As is standard business practice in the tennis industry, outside lessons of any kind are NOT ALLOWED (approved LHT staff only).  A lesson is defined as any one of the following;

  • Any money or anything of value being exchanged.

  • Feeding balls from a basket or cart.

  • Instruction being given.

  • Hitting lesson of any kind to any level of player.

This is only permissible from a parent or a sibling.

  • A former or current high school player or coach, former or current college player or coach, former professional player or coach, friend, co-worker, student, neighbor, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc. are unfortunately not considered a parent or a sibling and will not be able to host a lesson at either Liberty Park or Wasatch Hills Tennis Centers.

If you are looking for a year-round coaching position exclusively at Liberty Hills Tennis, please apply at

How To Reserve Online

Download Playbypoint App (Free)

Patrons must register with Playbypoint to access online booking for the following;

  • Court Reservations

  • Junior Academy Enrollment

  • Ball Machine Rental

  • Ball Cart Rental

Liberty Park Tennis Center Quick Links

Wasatch Hills Tennis Center Quick Links

Registration Steps and Troubleshoot

Registration Steps

1. Download Playbypoint App for free from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Choose 'Sign Up' and enter necessary contact info & password.

3. Preferred Facility: Type in 'Liberty Park' and/or 'Wasatch Hills'.

4. Self-rate your skill level/rating: If uncertain or don't play, no problem; just choose 1.0.  

5. Create a profile picture, if desired.​


If you registered with Kourts previously, your email may be recognized by Playbypoint, but your password will need to be reset.  If having difficulty adding your card while trying to sign up for a class, try adding a card to your profile first

Online Pricing


  • 24-Hour Cancelation Policy. No Refunds.

  • Teaching/Hitting Lessons ONLY allowed by current LHT staff.

  • At this point, Adult Workouts, Private Lessons, League Play, and the Sunday Social will continue without online reservations.
Thank you for your business and patience as we adjust to our new online reservation system.  If there is any difficulty along the way, feel free to reach out.

Liberty Park: 801-328-4711 or

Wasatch Hills: 801-583-9451 or
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